California Morning

California morning-
Blue sky delight
A warm breeze filled the air

California morning-
Like an angel in flight
It lifted off without a care

And I am grateful for those things I have seen
And I will be faithful to those memories that should have been

California breaking-
Like the waves on the shore
Pretty girls and beggars in the night

You came sailing in-
To find me stranded on the sand
A California rescue close at hand

And I knew our worlds were still turning
Soon the wind and rain would come again
And I can still see the sun ascending
On that California coastline where it all began

California morning-
now a distant memory
Like a dream disrupted before it’s done

My California lover-
I know it to be true
I still miss you

Words and music by Gordon Gow, Copyright 2019

Image: “A Certain Sunrise” by David Goehring. Flickr, Creative Commons.

Wear Anything!

Who you gonna be-
where you gonna go-
what kind of hat-
are you gonna wear?

A baseball cap-
a cowboy hat-
a pink beret-
or a derby

A yamaka-
A panama
A black pork pie-
or a beanie

You can wear anything-
with that smile on your face

A tam o’shanter-
just might be you
maybe a turban-
or a fez

A fruity hat-
propeller cap
Something crazy-
to make the news

You can wear anything-
with that smile on your face
You can be who you want to be

Un grand chapeau-
un bel cappello
un pequeño sombrero

camel hair-
cashmere or silk
with a purple pom-pom-
just for show

You can wear anything-
with that smile on your face
You can wear what you want for me
You can be who you want to be

Music and words by Gordon Gow



Broken Horse

that’s what we say when we talk to God
And this old soul-
knows when it’s all been said and done

Like a river run dry-
drowning in dust
in that grey autumn sky

on a journey that had just begun
We were rebels-
breakin’ free from the herd like colts on the run

Riding wild on those rolling plains-
chasing visions in that
warm summer rain

A porch light on the prairie-
it casts a lonesome sight
While we bask in the glory-
of another starry night

This broken horse-
this broken horse don’t roam no more

Try as you may now-
you know it’s all just in vain
Git’ up, get on your way now-
they’ve forgotten your name by now

This broken horse-
this broken horse don’t roam no more

Words and music by Gordon Gow


Yellowhead West (video)

I’m really pleased to have worked with Long Sleeve Productions on the video for Yellowhead West.  Drazen and Kathleen were great creative partners in this undertaking and I think the results speak for themselves.

The interiors were shot on location at Maggie’s Hill Heritage Loghouse (where we recorded the song and much of the album) in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  The driving scenes were shot on the Yellowhead Highway between Edmonton and Jasper on a beautiful autumn day.  (Look for the drone shots of the truck).  The “empty mountain pass” is Talbot Lake at the east end of Jasper National Park.

Thank you to Martha Conrad for use of Maggie’s Hill and to Doug Elniski for loaning us his truck for this project.

Live show in October

headshot no guitar vintage

I’m excited to be performing at The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse in Edmonton on Friday, October 13.

Show starts at 7:30pm  I will be donating all of the artist’s proceeds to Edmonton’s Food Bank.  We need 50 fans to fill the house.  Let’s make it happen.



CD Release Show

Selkirk Range will be performing a CD release show in Edmonton at Cafe Blackbird on April 6.

Yes, I know, it’s been a few months since we released the album but we decided to wait until Spring to celebrate it.

Join us for family-friendly show at a wonderful venue that supports local music in Edmonton.

New single for December

The holidays can be a difficult time for those away from home.  Here’s a new single from the album that conveys the loneliness of Christmas amidst  the stark beauty of a northern Canadian winter.  Dedicated to all those who will be away from their families this year.