Musical Simplicity and Success Often Go Hand In Hand

Gary Ewer’s blog is a great resource for songwriters. Among other things, he offers these important reminders about keeping things simple.

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How to Harmonize a Melody eBook - Gary Ewer

Cold War Kids - FirstIt’s a common error to think that imaginative music comes from musical complexity. The thought is that if you write music that uses intricate chord progressions, elaborately entangled melodies, all partnered with bewildering lyrics, you’ve got something that should stimulate the imagination of the listener.

But usually, that kind of music just ends up confusing the listener, boring them, and ensuring that they won’t bother listening again.

In fact, simplicity is the most valuable quality of good songwriting. Simplicity, in this context, simply means that the listener can hear and understand each element of a song. What generally stimulates the imagination and stirs the interest of the listener is how those elements all connect.

American indie rock band Cold War Kids’ latest album, “Hold My Home,” is a great album for demonstrating the notion of creating music that easily grabs listener interest by layering elements that are clean, clear and transparent.

Considering their song…

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