Meet me in Montreal

It’s interesting to see how an idea changes from one form into something completely different as it evolves in the writing process.  In this case, the song began with a guitar pattern that derived from another song called ‘February.’  I’d been listening to Iron and Wine quite a bit around this time and found myself mimicking the playing style of the beautifully subtle songs from the album Naked as We Came.

I was drawn to the mood of this pattern and spent a week or more trying to fit it to a lyric.  Somewhere along the line I hit upon an idea and dropped the pattern entirely, opting instead for a very simple chord progression using the G/C/Em forms.  I tend to play with a capo on the 2nd or 3rd frets, so the tuning in the recording will be a full tone up, which seems to suit my vocal range.

The lyric itself is inspired by a personal experience with a good friend who never made it to the end of his journey.  I had the good fortune to play it live with another friend at a recent reunion, where we performed it as a personal tribute.

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