“Country Girls” to the rescue!

I’ve started to experiment with a TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX vocal processor.  It’s a great little unit that gives me the opportunity to add harmonies and other effects to songs as I’m developing them.

I’ve had a blast with it so far and am impressed with how quiet it is when going direct to my DAW.  One of the first songs I tested was my own “That’s What You Do”.  This has a country feel to it and I sensed it needed some talented backup vocals to bring out the melody.

Voila, “The Country Girls” (preset number 212) to the rescue!  Here’s an excerpt from a working demo.  This was recorded with my vocals and acoustic run straight as a stereo pair out of the VoiceLive Play into my Focusrite preamp, then captured using the StudioOne DAW.  Not bad for a quick setup to test ideas and arrangements.

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