This is a collection of some of my un-produced songwriter demos.  After I hit my 50 song target sometime next year, I’ll select the top picks from the repertoire for more serious production and promotion.

My approach right now, and for the next year or so, is to finish a full draft of the song and then to demo it quickly rather than spend hours and hours on something that might not turn out to be a favourite.

These song were chosen partly because I like them and partly because the demos are complete to the point where I am comfortable sharing them with listeners.  Even quick demos can take a couple of weeks to record and, alas, performances are never perfect.  But patience is a virtue and the enduring joy is in the creative process itself.

BTW: I write and post on this blog as superpapa67 but I am also now using Selkirk Range as a performance name for the act.

Thanks for listening!

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