Experimenting with video

So I tried out a little experiment with video a few weeks ago.  The song is the demo version  of “Meet me in Montreal.” I wanted to know if I could assemble something from found footage on YouTube that touched thematically on the song.

The lyric alludes to a road trip taken sometime in 1967, so I looked for old super 8mm footage from Expo 67 and other home movies of that time period.  I used Savefrom.net to capture and download the videos as mp4 files, which I then imported into iMovie.  I’m not a filmmaker (as some viewers will no doubt immediately recognize) but it was fun to find and edit the footage into something that accompanies the song demo.

I think it turned out okay and it shows what can be done on a tight budget with a bit of creativity.  I’m not sure about the intellectual property questions it might raise but I confined my sources to home movies that don’t appear to have any commercial value or intent.  However, for good measure I did include a link to each of the source videos on the Vimeo page.

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