SAC Challenge: developing “Beautiful Freeze”

Thanks to Jenny Sjolund for her suggestion in my previous post about working with song titles.  I offered the title “Beautiful Freeze”.

She pointed out we could take it in an ironic direction by suggesting a break up.  Instead of strobe light on a dance floor “freezing” her/his face at a moment in time, it’s a flash of lightning during a thunderstorm.

The couple is fighting during a storm and a break up is imminent.  But for that split moment, s/he sees a beautiful person that they fell in love with.  It’s tragic.  Thunderstorms are beautiful and dangerous at the same time.  Wind, rain, thunder.

Freeze is an ironic juxtaposition with the heat of summer and suggests love going cold in the middle of a heat wave.  There are plenty of emotional layers and images here to work with.

Could it work up tempo?  Or is it more down tempo?

Or, we just stick to a winter theme…

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