Working with a title

I’m playing with the phrase “Beautiful Freeze” as a possible title.  Check out this post on SAC about writing from titles.

I’ve done it before with my song “Two Nights in Toledo”, which I documented here in detail.  Maybe too much detail.

Anyway, what I love about titles is that they can go so many directions, especially if you resist the temptation to take the first idea that comes to mind.  Set that one aside and work to generate some other, less obvious themes.

I often search Flickr for visual images to help me imagine an idea.  Here’s something that comes up when I search for “Beautiful Freeze”

A moment frozen in time.  Both the photo and the ice can “freeze” a moment.  This makes me think about cameras and flashbulbs, strobes.  Maybe beautiful freeze is a moment on the dance floor when the girl (or boy) is “frozen” by the strobe light?  Captured for an instant in the midst of the music and the flow of everything.  You want to hold on to it, but it’s gone just as quick.

Maybe we have a premise for a song here… any takers?




1 Comment

  1. A twist- a frozen stare from a soon to be ex-lover… you know it’s the last time you’ll be looking into their eyes like that. It’s beautiful, but cold and detached at the same time- the undeniable sign that you know it’s over.

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