Yellowhead West


Photo by andymw91 (Flickr Creative Commons)

I guess it’s time I packed my things and hit the road-
I leave my lover in the dark
I’ll take advantage of this early morning light-
to write a verse before I start

There’s no other way to explain-
this feeling inside

Along this highway lined with blackened birch and pine-
are daydream visions in the mirror
of summer sunshine, flowers in the fields-
your bluejeans in that saddleback, where I watched you disappear

But in the meadow of my mind-
you always ride on with me

While your voice beckons from this broken sky
I drive the Yellowhead west
I make my way across that great big divide-

Will I reach you-
when I reach out to you

Of all the mysteries stirred up in our souls-
there’s nothing more precious than the memories we have to hold
and at this moment in this empty mountain pass-
I’ll seek forgiveness for what I’ve done

And with the passage of time-
I know the years have been unkind-
but in the meadow of my mind-
you always ride on with me

Words and music by Gordon Gow (Copyright 2016, all rights reserved)