California Morning

California morning-
Blue sky delight
A warm breeze filled the air

California morning-
Like an angel in flight
It lifted off without a care

And I am grateful for those things I have seen
And I will be faithful to those memories that should have been

California breaking-
Like the waves on the shore
Pretty girls and beggars in the night

You came sailing in-
To find me stranded on the sand
A California rescue close at hand

And I knew our worlds were still turning
Soon the wind and rain would come again
And I can still see the sun ascending
On that California coastline where it all began

California morning-
now a distant memory
Like a dream disrupted before it’s done

My California lover-
I know it to be true
I still miss you

Words and music by Gordon Gow, Copyright 2019

Image: “A Certain Sunrise” by David Goehring. Flickr, Creative Commons.